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Journal titleIndonesian Review of Physics
AbbreviationIndones. Rev. Phys.
Frequency2 issues per year | June and December
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Online ISSN2621-2889
Editor-in-chiefFatin Aliah Phang
PublisherUniversitas Ahmad Dahlan in collaboration with AGFI
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IRiP (Indonesian Review of Physics) is a refereed journal published by Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. It is a semi-annual journal published in June and December. The main objective of the publication is to create a platform to publish original articles, researches results, case studies and book reviews related to the field of Physics, Physics Education, Instrumentation, Earth and Space Science, and Computational Physics. The editorial board welcomes original contributions of the author (in English) which never been published or under consideration for publication in any other publication. Submission the journal should normally follow the IRiP template.

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Before Submission

The author has to make sure that the manuscript has been prepared using IRiP's template following the author guidelines and not single author. The single author's paper is just for the invited author or the author who has great reputable for research or publication in physics or physics education. The manuscript should also have been carefully proofread and similarity check (the proofreading certificate and similarity check result must be attached as supplementary file in submission process). Any manuscript which does not meet the author guidelines, focus and scope, written in a different format, or has poor soundness of English, will be immediately rejected. The only manuscript which meets the IRiP standard will be processed further. 

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New Template 2021

Starting from Vol. 4 No. 1, IRiP uses the new template.  
Posted: 2021-02-06

IRiP Accredited by Ristekbrin

We are happy to announce this good news to all editors, reviewers, authors, and readers.
Since Vol. 3 No. 1, December 2020, the IRiP journal has been ACCREDITED with "SINTA 2" by Kementerian Riset dan Teknologi/Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional number 200/M/KPT/2020.
Posted: 2021-02-06
More Announcements...

Vol 3, No 2 (2020)

This issue (IRiP Volume 3 Issue 2 Year 2020) has been available online since 31st December 2020 for the regular issue of December 2020. All articles in this issue consist of 6 original research articles were authored/co-authored by 19 authors from 9 Institution, 2 Countries. Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (Indonesia), IKIP Muhammadiyah Maumere (Indonesia), Universitas Negeri Surabaya (Indonesia), Almuslim University (Indonesia), Halu Oleo University (Indonesia), Public High School 1 Kendari (Indonesia), Private High School Tahfidzul Qur'an Mu'adz Bin Jabal Kendari (Indonesia), Tashkent University of Information Technologies (Uzbekistan), University of Jember (Indonesia)

Table of Contents


(1) Abu Yazid Raisal (Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)
(2) Muhammad Hidayat (Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)
(3) Leo Hermawan (Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)
(4) Arwin Juli Rakhmadi (Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)
10.12928/irip.v3i2.2074 Views of Abstract: 119 | PDF: 2
(1) Erwin Prasetyo (IKIP Muhammadiyah Maumere, Indonesia)
(2) Budi Jatmiko (Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Indonesia)
(3) Adi Jufriansah (IKIP Muhammadiyah Maumere, Indonesia)
10.12928/irip.v3i2.2236 Views of Abstract: 93 | PDF: 2
(1) Remigius Robinson (IKIP Muhammadiyah Maumere, Indonesia)
(2) Pujianti Bejahida Donuata (IKIP Muhammadiyah Maumere, Indonesia)
(3) Agustinus Angelaus Ete (IKIP Muhmmadiyah Maumere, Indonesia)
(4) Muhamad Epi Rusdin (IKIP Muhammadiyah Maumere, Indonesia)
10.12928/irip.v3i2.2632 Views of Abstract: 50 | PDF: 2
(1) Nanda Safarati (Almuslim University, Indonesia)
(2) Rahma Rahma (Almuslim University, Indonesia)
10.12928/irip.v3i2.3049 Views of Abstract: 82 | PDF: 2
(1) La Sahara (Halu Oleo University, Indonesia)
(2) Nafarudin Nafarudin (Public High School 1 Kendari, Indonesia)
(3) Suritno Fayanto (Private High School Tahfidzul Qur’an Mu’adz Bin Jabal Kendari, Indonesia)
(4) Babajanova Asal Tairjanovna (Tashkent University of Information Technologies, Uzbekistan)
10.12928/irip.v3i2.3064 Views of Abstract: 40 | PDF: 2
(1) Chilwatun Nasiroh (University of Jember, Indonesia)
(2) Bambang Supriadi (University of Jember, Indonesia)
(3) Rif'ati Dina Handayani (University of Jember, Indonesia)
10.12928/irip.v3i2.3066 Views of Abstract: 79 | PDF: 2