Focus and Scope

Epidemiology and Society Health Review (ESHR) is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year (January and July) to communicate research in epidemiology and society health both in community and healthcare settings, especially in Indonesia. However, abroad-authors are welcome to submit their excellent research works to this journal. ESHR publishes research papers, review papers and viewpoints, focussing on the scope below:

  1. Epidemiology: The science of the mass-phenomena of diseases, which discusses descriptive, determinants, comparative and correlational study for community health, and risk factor
  2. Communicable Disease and Vector Control: Presenting work on vector susceptibilities such as for dengue and malaria. Also, studies on controlling several infectious diseases such as acute respiratory infection, TB, filariasis, HIV/AIDS, diphtheria, cervical cancer. 
  3. Non-Communicable Disease: Studies related to the findings and scientific developments of hypertension, preeclampsia, obesity, and smoking behavior
  4. Public Health Nutrition: The art of research nutrition-related diseases such as stunting, breastfeeding behavior, low birth weight
  5. Surveillance, Disease Outbreak and Health System: Set of work capturing data and generating information for public health practitioners and stakeholders such as program evaluation, spatial analysis for community health, management information systems, maternal and child health service, primary health care
  6. Mental Health: The comprehension work of mental disorders in public health, including people anxiety, mental health, and quality of life