Responsibility of Peer Reviewer

The peer reviewer is responsible for critiquing by reading and evaluating manuscripts in the field of expertise, then giving constructive advice and honest feedback to the author of the article submitted. Peer reviewers discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the article, how to increase the strength and quality of the paper, and evaluate the relevance and authenticity of the manuscript.

Before reviewing, please note the following:

  • Is the article requested to be reviewed by your expertise?

If you receive a script that covers topics that are not appropriate areas of your expertise, please notify the editor as soon as possible. Please recommend an alternative reviewer.

  • Do you have the time to review this paper?

The review process must be completed within two weeks. If you agree and require a more extended period, notify the editor as soon as possible or suggest an alternative reviewer.

  • Is there any potential conflict of interest?

Meanwhile, conflicts of interest will not disqualify you as a reviewer, disclose all conflicts of interest to the editor before reviewing. If you have any questions about potential conflicts of interest, do not hesitate to contact the editorial office.

Peer Review Process

An editor first reviews the submitted manuscript. It will be evaluated in the office. At least two peer reviewers will review each article following the journal's scope—the Blind Preview Process conducts the review process.
The manuscript will be sent to at least two anonymous referees for contribution, originality, relevance, and presentation (double-blind review). Reviewers' comments are then sent to the corresponding author for necessary actions and responses. The Editor shall inform you of the review results as soon as possible, hopefully in 30 to 60 days. The time has been given for the review process in one week, starting with articles submitted to the reviewer. The editorial team will determine whether the article is accepted or not based on the results of a reviewer of the reviewer. The suggested decision will be evaluated in an editorial board meeting. Afterward, the editor will send the final decision to the corresponding author. A writer who wants to submit the manuscript must pay attention to the following rules: 1. The article is not plagiarizing other people's work. 2. Article sent has never been published and is not under consideration