Focus and Scope

The journal invites original articles and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference.
It covers optimization and simulation in any industrial applications. The topic of published papers might be subjected to one or more of the following scopes:

Metaheuristics: Genetic Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization, Firefly Optimization Algorithm, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation, Unconstrained Optimization, Tabu Search, Nearest Neighbor Approach

Simulations: Queue analysis, Agent-based modeling and simulation

Data mining: Classification, K-Means Clustering, Support Vector Machine, Naive Bayes Classifier, Machine Learning

Design of experiment: Taguchi Methods

Operation research: Scheduling, Project Management, Multi Criteria Decision Making (TOPSIS, AHP), Vehicle Routing Problem, Traveling Salesman Problem, Transportation Model, Production Planning and Inventory Control, Integer Programming, Set Covering Problem, Lean Manufacturing, Forecasting.