Ceramic supplier selection using analytical hierarchy process method


  • Filda Rahmiati Department of Management, President University, Cikarang
  • H.M Yani Syafei Department of Industrial Engineering, President University, Cikarang
  • Purwanto Purwanto Department of Management, President University, Cikarang
  • Jonathan Andianto Department of Management, President University, Cikarang




Analytical Hierarchy Process, Ceramics, Supply chain, Supplier Selection


This study tried to implement the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and the weights of the criteria and sub-criteria to find the best supplier. According to QCDFR (quality, cost, delivery, flexibility, and responsiveness). This study took place in one of the biggest tile producers, ranks fifth in the world and the first in Indonesia. However, the company currently only uses quality, cost, and delivery methods to choose the best supplier of raw material, namely feldspar. This research tries to use the systematic method to find the best supplier based on the importance of the criteria. The method used the quantitative approach to enumerate the data to analyze the information.  The company analyzed six suppliers. The primary tool used in this research is a Super Decision Software version 3.2 to create and manage the AHP model, enter the judgments, get results, and perform sensitivity analysis on the results. The result found that Semarang is the best supplier. The company will choose Semarang to become the company's business partner compared to the other suppliers because Semarang has met the criteria that the company prioritizes the most. By having the best supplier selection, the company can provide the right material consistency and suitable material suitability.


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Rahmiati, F., Syafei, H. Y., Purwanto, P., & Andianto, J. (2021). Ceramic supplier selection using analytical hierarchy process method. International Journal of Industrial Optimization, 2(2), 113–124. https://doi.org/10.12928/ijio.v2i2.4406