Study on the Religious Views of Jathilan Art Activists Paguyuban Wargo Manunggal


  • Isna Syiamtari universitas ahmad dahlan
  • Yusuf Hanafiah (ID Scopus: 57216280757) Universitas Ahmad Dahlan



Perspective Studies, Islamic Religious Teachings, Jathilan


Paguyuban Wargo Manungggal is a dance community. This dance is often called jathilan. Jathilan is a performance of a group of dancers, both male and female, riding a lumping horse property. After dancing, the dancers go into a trance. The existence of this event is due to the actions of the handler who knows the unseen. Because of this, their understanding of Islam is somewhat different. The study results indicate that not all respondents whom the researchers interviewed knew about aqidah, sharia, and morals. There are still many who do not know about the teachings of Islam. Furthermore, the factors that influence ignorance and differences of opinion regarding the teachings of Islam are education history, family environment, activity in mosque activities, and differences in Koran teachers. In applying the teachings of Islam itself, many of the respondents used prayer to heal dancers who were in a trance and prayer for safety before the performance was held.


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