Values of Difference in the Qur'an: Thematic Interpretation of The Ummah's Problems


  • Rofiatul Ubaidillah Ilmu Hadis Universitas Ahmad Dahlan



Dissent already occurred since Prophet era, although it's rarely happened in that era cause Prophet was so central to all his people. And Dissent continues to develop from each period of Islam, from khilafah era, Bani Umayyah era, Bani Abbasiyah era till today. But lately, dissent becoming a problems between Muslims, and it caused a enmity between Muslims, they attack each other and feel the most righteous. From that incident, there was a division of the Muslim community. The division of the Muslims community is also caused by problems with fiqh, faith, tasawuf etc. However, this is normal because people in the world have a variety of ethnicities, cultures and social systems that are different from one another. Through the approach of the Qur'an, this paper uses a thematic interpretation method that collects related verses, then analyzes them in their entirety. And with this paper will answer how to face dealing with differences of opinion and moral values in religion.