Hadith Method Hadith of the Prophet on Education


  • Yusuf Rasikh Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
  • waharjanin


No matter how good the educational goals are, if the methods used are not appropriate, then these goals will be difficult to achieve properly. A method will affect whether or not information can be received in full or not. Rasulullah SAW has, from the beginning, set an example and carried out the right educational method for his friends. The learning strategy that he used was very accurate and precise in conveying Islamic teachings. The Messenger of Allah was very concerned about the situation, condition, and character of a person so that the Islamic values that were transferred could be easily understood and mastered by the companions. This study uses a qualitative approach with library research methods. The data analysis technique used is content analysis. From the analysis of the literature study, it was found that all learning processes carried out must be made as easy as possible and fun at the same time. Educators, when in the process of delivering material, must be clear and easy to understand. Educators are also expected to be able to use demonstration and demonstration methods in the learning process. The story method can foster a deep impression on students. The question-and-answer method is a learning method that allows direct communication between educators and students.