Determination of BLDC Motor Capacity for Electric Car Drive

Purnawan Purnawan, Casnan Casnan, Arief Kurniawan, Ananda Riski


The study's objectives were to: determine the type of Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor that is right for an electric car drive system with a capacity of one passenger, and Knowing the capacity of the BLDC motor used as an electric car drive system with a capacity of one passenger. This research uses Research and Development (R&D) level 1. The research subjects taken are students and lecturers of Vocational Education, Automotive Technology and Electrical Engineering, Ahmad Dahlan University, totalling eight students four lecturers. Ahmad Dahlan University " AL-QORNI " electric car is planned to use an electric motor type Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) with a capacity of 2000 watts which works with a voltage of 49 volts - 96 volts.


Electrical Design; BLDC; Electric Car

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