Journal History

  • February 12, 2013.
    Al-Misbah has a name
    : Jurnal AL-MISBAH (Journal of Islamic Studies) based on P-ISSN, but on December 29, 2018, there was a difference in naming, namely “ Al-Misbah: Journal of Islamic Studies ” based on E-ISSN. However, both are valid because the relevant ISSN indicates this one journal.
  • 2013.
    Al-Misbah was launched by publishing 2 Number.
  • 2013-2020.
    Al-Misbah covers the scope of Islamic studies and accepts 2 languages, namely Indonesian and English.
  • 2021-Present.
    Al-Misbah concentrates on publishing a special field, namely Islamic Education, and only accepts submissions in English.
  • 2013-2021. Al-Misbah Focus and Scope
    Al-Misbah Journal focuses on Al-Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan Education, Teaching, and Learning in Islamic Education. Al-Misbah Journal Scope: (1) Kemuhammadiyahan, (2) Qur’an-Hadith, (3) Ibadah-Mu’amalah, (4) Aqidah-Akhlak, (5) Tarikh-History, (6) Management in Islamic Education, (7) Curriculum in Islamic Education, (8) Psychology of Islamic education, (9) Arabic Language Teaching, (10) and Classroom Research.
  • 2021-Present. Al-Misbah Focus and Scope
    The main aim of this publication is to create a platform for publishing reviews, original articles, research results, and case studies related to the field of Islamic Education in the Indonesian context that valuable to the worldwide academic communities. The topic of this journal is Theories of Islamic Education, Modern education in Islam, and contemporary issues in Islamic education, both in terms of teaching and learning in the Indonesian context, but editors may consider accepting articles from other countries with interesting discussion contexts related to Islamic Education.