Bleeding Complications of a Tracheostomy Stoma Covid-19 Patients Related to Therapy Heparin


  • Adnan Abdullah Faculty of Medicine, Ahmad Dahlan University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Asti Widuri Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Tracheostomy; Covid-19; Complications; Anticoagulants; Heparin


Tracheostomy measures will increase as the number of ICU patients
increases. The main indication for tracheostomy in intensive care
patients is to reduce dead space and reduce the risk of laryngeal
damage due to long-term intubation. In the era of the Covid-19
pandemic, tracheostomy procedures require consideration of the
benefits for patients and the risk of spreading the virus that
endangers health workers. In this case, it is reported that the
implementation of a tracheostomy with a safe procedure in patients
with severe Covid-19 infection and complications of stoma bleeding
6 days after the tracheostomy procedure with risk factors for the
use of heparin anti-coagulant drugs


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