Revenue Source

Open-access articles are journal articles published by Journal of Biotechnology and Natural Science (JBNS) under business models in which the publication of the articles is funded by payments made by the authors, their institution, or funding bodies. These payments are referred to as "Article Processing Charges" (APCs).
As an open-access journal, which typically involves the upfront payment of an article processing charge (APC), we will also make their article immediately and freely available upon publication on JBNS, in perpetuity, with the license attached to it. JBNS APC prices are set on a per journal basis, with prices clearly displayed on journal homepages.
APC JBNS and the source of funding from Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) as a publisher, do not affect any editor's decision on the article.
Adjustments in JBNS's APC prices are under regular review and are subject to change. We set APC prices based on the following criteria:
• Journal quality;
• The journal’s editorial and technical processes;
• Competitive considerations;
• Market conditions;
• Other revenue streams associated with the journal.