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The High-Tech and Innovative Series is a semi-annual peer-reviewed open-access book chapter series dedicated to emerging technologies and innovations. Emerging technology and innovation trends shape industries, businesses, and society by influencing interactions, work, and lifestyle. Staying compeatitive in a rapidly changing digital landscape necessitates staying current on these trends, making informed decisions about adopting new tools, and capitalizing on growth opportunities.

Technology is constantly evolving, enabling faster change and progress. Engineers and IT professionals must stay current with emerging technologies and trends to secure high-paying jobs around the world. The top emerging technology trends include AI-generated content, quantum computing, 5G expansion, virtual reality 2.0, augmented reality in retail, IoT in smart cities, biotechnology in agriculture, autonomous vehicles, blockchain beyond crypto, edge computing, personalized medicine, neuromorphic computing, and green energy technologies. AI-generated content uses algorithms to generate high-quality content, while quantum computing uses quantum mechanics to process information faster. 5G expansion enables real-time communication and processing of large amounts of data with minimal delay, supporting a new wave of technological innovation. AR in retail visualizes products in real-world contexts, while IoT in smart cities manages complexities and improves living conditions. Blockchain Beyond Crypto provides transparency, enhances security, and reduces fraud. These advancements are transforming industries, enhancing learning outcomes, reducing training costs, and promoting sustainability. The development of these technologies is crucial for enhancing the quality of life and ensuring the safety of individuals and the environment.

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Vol. 1 (2024): High-Tech Innovations in Urban Smart Waste Management
Published: 2024-06-24


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