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JBeKa (Jurnal Berkala Katiga)

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JECCE (Journal of Early Childhood Care and Education)

Journal titleJournal of Early Childhood Care and Education (JECCE)
AbbreviationJ. Early Child. Care. Educ.
Frequency2 issues per year
DOIPrefix 10.12928
Online ISSN2615-1413
Editor-in-chiefMoh. Fauziddin
PublisherUniversitas Ahmad Dahlan in collaboration with PPJ PAUD
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Journal of Early Childhood Care and Education (JECCE)  is a scientific journal organized by PG PAUD Universitas Ahmad Dahlan that publishes results of research. JECCE is published in electronic and provided printed publication in the form of the reprint. Receive scientific articles from researchers, lecturers, students, practitioners, and other professionals with relevant scholarship. This journal is published by Universitas Ahmad Dahlan in collaboration with PPJ PAUD Indonesia.

JECCE aims to bring research work in the area of early childhood care and education. It’s a peer-reviewed journal written in the Indonesian Language. Review process using Double-Blind Peer Review Process.


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Journal of Agri-Food Science and Technology

Journal titleJournal of Agri-Food Science and Technology
AbbreviationJ. Agri. Food. Sci. Tech
Frequency2 issues per year | February - August
DOIPrefix 10.12928

P-ISSN: 2686-0716 | E-ISSN: -

Editor-in-chiefProf. Takuya Sugahara
PublisherUniversitas Ahmad Dahlan

Journal of Agri-food Science and Technology (JAFOST) is a peer review journal that is officially published by Food Technology Department, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan ( As a scientific journal, JAFOST publishes research and scientific studies related to the development of chemical/biochemical science, engineering, processing technology, biotechnology, and food industry. The advantages of this journal can be accessed for students, researchers, academics, and practitioners.  Authors are required to register in advance and upload the manuscript by online. The process of the manuscript could be monitored through OJS. Authors, readers, editorial board, editors, and peer review could obtain the real time status of the manuscript. JFOST publishes two times in a year i.e. February and August. 

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Journal of Education and Positive Psychology

Journal of Education and Positive Psychology publishes original empirical articles and critical reviews of the literature on research and practices relevant to positive psychological and behavioral processes in education settings. JEPS presents research on intervention mechanisms and approaches; schooling effects on the development of social, cognitive, mental-health, and achievement-related outcomes; assessment; and consultation.

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Journal of Food and Culinary

Journal of Food and Culinary (JFC) is a peer-reviewed open access journal published twice in a year (June and Desember). The JFC focuses on the publication in food service industry and management.  It publishes its issues in an online (e-ISSN 2621-8445) and a printed (p-ISSN 2621-8437) version.

Before Submission
Author has to make sure that the manuscript has been prepared using the JFC's template. The manuscript should also have been carefully proofread. Any manuscript which does not meet the author guidelines, written in a different format, or has poor soundness of Indonesian or English, will be immediately rejected. Only manuscript which meets the JFC format will be processed further.

Online Submissions
1. Already have a Username/Password for Journal of Food and Culinary? GO TO LOGIN 
2. Need a Username/Password? GO TO REGISTRATION

Registration and login are required to submit items online and to check the status of current submissions.

Judul JurnalJournal of Food and Culinary
AbbreviationJ. Food Culinary
Terbitan2 terbitan per tahun | Juni - Desember
DOIPrefix 10.12928 by 

P-ISSN: 2621-8437 | E-ISSN: 2621-8445

Editor-in-chiefYunda Maymanah Rahmadewi, S.T.P., M.Sc.
PublisherUniversitas Ahmad Dahlan
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Journal of Halal Science and Research

JHSR (Journal of Halal Science and Research) is a refereed journal published by Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Yogyakarta. p-ISSN : ….. | e-ISSN : …. It is a semi annual journal, published in Februari and September. The main objective of the publication is to create a platform to publish original articles, research findings, case studies and book reviews related to the field of Halal Studies. The editorial board welcomes original contributions (in English and Indonesia) which have never been published or under consideration for publication in any other publication.

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Journal of Islamic Education and Innovation

Journal of Islamic Education and Innovation (JIEI) is a scientific journal published by Postgraduate Islamic Education Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) Yogyakarta. This journal is published on Juny and December annually.

The main objective of the publication is to share or publish scientific article base on research and review from professional writers, researches, teachers, and lectures about Islamic education and innovation. The paper could be the original research paper, technical paper, conceptual paper, case study, and literature review in Bahasa, English or Arabic language. The article must be never published or under consideration for publication.

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Journal of Vocational Education Studies

Journal of Vocational Education Studies (JOVES) is a research journal of a work or idea of a scientific author through a process of examination by other experts in the field. This journal is organized by Master of Vocational Education and Vocational Program (D-IV) of Food Service Industry, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Yogyakarta either in print or online. JOVES is available in printed-out (ISSN 2614-7483) and electronic version (ISSN 2614-7475). This journal aims to report quality research based on real and original data that contribute to teachers and researchers in the teaching and learning process of vocational education. The journal explores vocationalism in learning and efforts to address employability within the curriculum, together with coverage of innovative themes and initiatives within vocational education and training. The fields of science are Managing the transition from school/college to work; Education-Business partnerships and collaboration; Edupreneurship; Curriculum; Links between education and industry; The graduate labour market; Work experience and placements; The recruitment, induction and development of school leavers and graduates; Young person employability and career development; Vocational education in culinary; Vocational behavior.

Journal of Vocational Education Studies (JOVES) accepts articles in English. JOVES published twice a year, on May and November

We are pleased to invite you to submit your own work through online system submission (read the JOVES' online submission guidelines). Manuscript must be following this JOVES' author guidelines and JOVES' template.

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Jurnal Cakrawala Promkes

Journal titleJurnal Cakrawala Promkes
AbbreviationCakrawala promkes
Frequency2 issues per year | Januari - Agustus
DOIPrefix 10.12928 by 

P-ISSN: 2654-9980 | E-ISSN: 2656-0534

Editor-in-chiefDr. Sitti Nur Djannah, M.Kes
PublisherUniversitas Ahmad Dahlan
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JCP (Jurnal Cakrawala Promkes (JCP) is a an international platinum (open acces) journal that is peer reviewed and multidisciplinary forum for the publication of those research that aimed at understanding of the implication and approaches to health promotion and public health. JCP includes research in the social determinants of health, health education, community empowerment, health cmmunication, health sociology, social psychology, anthropology medicine, health promotion programs. JCP welcomes quantitative studies in the field of health promotion and education studies that reflect proffesionals' experiences worldwide. Editors invite research lecturers, reviewer, and practitioner to contribute to Jurnal Cakrawala Promkes, receive articles form the special issue for a conference. The langunage used in Bahasa and English. JCP refereed journal published by Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. Published by Health Promotion Section, Department of Public Health. It is a semi-annual journal  published in  February and August. 


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Jurnal Fokus Manajemen Bisnis

Journal titleJurnal FOKUS Manajemen Bisnis
AbbreviationJ. Fokus Manaj Bisnis
Frequency2 issues per year | Maret - September
DOIPrefix 10.12928

P-ISSN: 2088-4079 | E-ISSN: 2716-0521

Editor-in-chiefMuhammad Ali Fikri, S.E., M.Sc. 
PublisherUniversitas Ahmad Dahlan
Citation AnalysisGoogle Scholar 

JURNAL FOKUS adalah jurnal Prodi Manajemen Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Yogyakarta yang terbit dua kali dalam satu tahun yaitu setiap Maret dan September. Jurnal FOKUS memuat artikel penelitian bidang Manajemen dan Bisnis yang ditulis oleh dosen, alumni, mahasiswa dan praktisi dalam negeri maupun luar negeri.

Jurnal ini menyediakan akses terbuka langsung ke kontennya berdasarkan prinsip bahwa membuat penelitian tersedia secara bebas untuk umum mendukung pertukaran pengetahuan global yang lebih besar.

Semua artikel yang diterbitkan Open Access secara permanen gratis agar semua orang dapat membaca dan mendownload. Kami terus bekerja sama dengan komunitas penulis kami untuk memilih pilihan lisensi pilihan terbaik, yang saat ini didefinisikan untuk jurnal ini sebagai berikut: Creative Commons-Non Comercial-Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)

Pengecekan plagiasi artikel dilakukan dengan Google Scholar dan Turnitin. Artikel yang telah dinyatakan diterima akan diterbitkan dalam nomor In-Press sebelum nomor regular terbit

Artikel penelitian yang disampaikan ke jurnal online ini akan review sekurang-kurangnya 2 (dua) reviewer. Artikel penelitian yang diterima akan tersedia secara online mengikuti proses peer review jurnal. Bahasa yang digunakan dalam jurnal ini adalah bahasa Indonesia dan bahasa Inggris.

Artikel yang terbit di Jurnal FOKUS akan diberikan nomer identifier unik (DOI/Digital Object Identifier) dan tersedia serta bebas diunduh dari portal Jurnal FOKUS ini.


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Jurnal Fundadikdas (Fundamental Pendidikan Dasar)

Journal titleJurnal Fundadikdas (Fundamental Pendidikan Dasar)
Frequency3 issues per year (March, July, and November)
DOIPrefix 10.12928
Online ISSN2614-1620
Editor in ChiefM. Fakhrur Saifudin
Managing EditorGanis Amurdawati
PublisherUniversitas Ahmad Dahlan
Citation AnalysisGoogle Scholar | Garuda

Jurnal Fundamental Pendidikan Dasar is a peer-refereed open-access journal which has been established for the dissemination of state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of elementary education. This journal is founded and published by Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, three times in a year (March, July, and November). All submitted papers must be written in Bahasa or English and will be initially reviewed by editors and are then evaluated by a minimum of two Reviewers through the double-blind review process. This is to ensure the quality of the published manuscripts in the journal.

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Jurnal Genre (Bahasa, Sastra, dan Pembelajarannya)

Jurnal Genre (Bahasa, Sastra, dan Pembelajarannya merupakan jurnal ilmiah mahasiswa pada Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa dan Satra Indonesia, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. Jurnal ini menerbitkan hasil penelitian mahasiswa yang berhubungan dengan pengajaran bahasa dan sastra Indonesia, kajian linguistik dan pengajarannya, serta kajian sastra dan pengajarannya. Jurnal ini terbit 2 kali setahun, Agustus, dan Februari. E-ISSN = 2716-2613.

Jurnal ini bertujuan untuk menampung hasil penelitian mahasiswa Prodi PBSI, UAD dan di luar UAD yang memiliki jalinan kerja sama. Ruang lingkup jurnal ini adalah mahasiswa perguruan tinggi pada prodi PBSI yang berkerja sama dengan UAD. Fokus jurnal ini adalah pengajaran bahasa dan sastra Indonesia, kajian linguistik dan pengajarannya, serta kajian sastra dan pengajarannya.

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Jurnal Ilmu Alam dan Teknologi Terapan

JudulJurnal Ilmu Alam dan Teknologi Terapan
SingkatanJ. Ilmu Alam dan Teknologi Terap.
Frekuensi Terbit2 isu per tahun | Mei - November
DOIPrefix 10.12928 by 

E-ISSN: 2685-0028

Editor-in-chiefAmbar Pratiwi, S.Si., M.Si.
PublisherUniversitas Ahmad Dahlan
Citation AnalysisGoogle Scholar | Garuda

Jurnal Ilmu Alam dan Teknologi Terapan (JIAT) merupakan jurnal yang diterbitkan oleh Fakultas MIPA UAD dengan e-ISSN 2685-0028. Jurnal akan diterbitkan dua kali dalam setahun pada bulan Mei dan November. Jurnal Ilmu Alam dan Teknologi Terapan terindeks Google Scholar.  Semua naskah dalam jurnal ini akan direview oleh ahli di bidang terkait sebelum diterbitkan. Keseluruhan proses dalam penerbitan jurnal ini tidak dipungut biaya. 

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Jurnal Kesehatan dan Pengelolaan Lingkungan

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Jurnal Pembelajaran dan Materi Sains Biologi

JUPEMASI-PBIO memuat hasil penelitian mahasiswa Pendidikan Biologi. Jurnal ini diterbitkan oleh Program Studi Pendidikan Biologi Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. Jurnal ini terbit setiap tahun 2 kali, pada bulan Maret dan September. ISSN cetak dari JUPEMASI-PBIO diperoleh pada tahun 2014 dengan nomor 2407-1269.

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Jurnal Pemberdayaan: Publikasi Hasil Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat

Jurnal Pemberdayaan: Publikasi Hasil Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, with registered number ISSN 2580-2569 (print) and 2656-0542 (Online), is a scientific multidisciplinary journal published by Directorate of Community Services Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD). It is in the national level that covers a lot of common problems or issues related to community services. The aim of this journal publication is to disseminate the conceptual thoughts or ideas and research results that have been achieved in the area of community services.

Jurnal Pemberdayaan: Publikasi Hasil Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, contains various activities of the teaching staff in UAD in handling and managing the various potentials, obstacles, challenges, and problems that exist in society. Implementation of service activities also involves the participation of the community and partners. Service activities are organized into an activity aimed at improving the welfare of society.

Please read these guidelines carefully. Authors who want to submit their manuscript to the editorial office of Jurnal Pemberdayaan: Publikasi Hasil Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat should obey the writing guidelines. If the manuscript submitted is not appropriate with the guidelines or written in a different format, it will BE REJECTED by the editors before further reviewed. The editors will only accept the manuscripts which meet the assigned format.

In the following year of publication (2018), is going to publish journals third in a year: March, July, and November. Please submit your manuscript. Please Download the Template HERE.  

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Jurnal REKSA: Rekayasa Keuangan, Syariah dan Audit

Jurnal REKSA: Rekayasa Keuangan, Syariah, dan Audit is a journal which is published by Accounting Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan. Jurnal REKSA: Rekayasa Keuangan, Syariah, dan Audit publishes manuscript articles twice a year (March and September), containing articles in financial accounting, sharia accounting, finance, management and accounting information system, auditing, behavioral accounting, management accounting, taxation, corporate governance, accounting education, public sector accounting, environment accounting, sustainability, accounting for entrepreneurship, and business ethics with reference to scientific research standards and procedures established by the editorial board for publication. Manuscript articles can come from researchers, academics, practitioners, lecturers, students and other accounting observers who are interested in research in the field of accounting.

DOI Prefix 10.12928/j.reksa by Crossref 

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Jurnal Sistem Informasi Indonesia

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